Sarasota Homes by Architecture Legend Tim Seibert

“Frank Lloyd Wright Goes to the Beach.”

As many of you know, I adore architecture. As a fine artist in a family of fine artists, it is natural to me to marvel at the beauty and thought that architects put into something many see as purely utilitarian: shelter. Sarasota is a great place to find interesting architecture, thanks in part to the massive coastal architecture trend started here in the mid-1900s, the Sarasota School of Architecture, or Sarasota Modernism. Influential in Sarasota Modernism are well-known names like Carl Abbott (whose custom designed home, Villa Cedro, I sold last year), Paul Rudolph, and Tim Seibert; all of whom were greatly influential to the designing our modern paradise that is Sarasota present day.

Journalist Debra Bruno said in a 2015 article that Seibert was basically “Frank Lloyd Wright goes to the beach,” in his mid-century modern designs that focused on highlighting the humid & subtropical climate of southern Florida. I just love that quote. Let’s take a look at some iconic pieces of architecture in Sarasota by esteemed architect of the Sarasota School of Architecture, Tim Seibert.

Sarasota Architecture by Tim Seibert

The staggered design means that every residence has a full & unobstructed Gulf of Mexico view.

The staggered design means that every residence has a full & unobstructed Gulf of Mexico view.

Inconspicuous Townhomes

222 Beach Road on Siesta Key

From the curbside of Beach Rd just south of Siesta Village, your eye may only fall for a second on this inconspicuous set of townhomes, which from the outside are a Modernist, block-like design in white. But push open the doors of any of one of the 10 luxurious residences and you’ll quickly see why the building won a Test of Time award from the American Institute of Architects.


One of these rarely available townhomes will be coming on the market soon, so stay tuned! Walk right out to Siesta Key Beach from the back door…


Iconic Hiss Studio

Original Mid-Century is 1953’s Studio on Lido Shores

While Seibert was still with Paul Rudolph’s firm, he designed the studio offices for Lido Shores developer Philip Hiss. The studio still stands today, 55 years later. The original structure was built upon steel posts with breezeway and open space beneath, and the first-floor addition with living space was added in 1962.


MacDonald House

Acclaimed Author John D. MacDonald’s Home on Siesta Key

When John D. MacDonald was looking for a home during the height of his career, he turned to Tim Seibert. Creator of the Travis McGee series, which takes place all around Florida, the Caribbean & Mexico, lived in the Siesta Key home until he requested Seibert design him another one in the 1970s, where he lived until his death in 1986.


We are fortunate to have the works of so many critically-acclaimed architects available in Sarasota, and I can’t wait to unveil the amazing property located at 222 Beach Rd #4 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!